If you are looking for the old knopfconsulting.com site try knopfconsulting.net.
I am finally refurbishing my ancient site, using my own CMS system (AutoWebCode)

Maybe I can put Dos Marinas back on line . 

Welcome to my site... (how did you get here, you got lost?)
The original site was created (and not maintained) for over twenty years. Now that I am mostly retired I will try to update it more often.
You know the saying "The cobblers kids go barefoot"? N'uff said.
I am still involved in software development (see www.stratitech.net) but also spend much of my time in the Carribean (Fajardo,PR) trying to restore my old boat 'MiCasa', a cutter rigged Liberty 28 sailboat.

(The above is a view from my window)
Temps never below 70 F and never above 88 F